Strawberry Jam Recipe


The sun has been shining, it is summer and there are lots of strawberries around. As we all know we have lots of time to fill at home so why not fill some jars with jam.

Here are a few articles if you are interested in the risk of tonnes of strawberries going to waste this year due to the lock down and lack of commercial demand eg. Wimbledon.

Scotty Brand with ASDA

Fife free punnet of strawberries

Prince Charles advice for therapeutic fruit picking

So whether you have bought some cheap strawberries from your supermarket or local corner shop. You have been given a free punnet in Fife. Or you have been fruit picking. Here is my simple jam recipe, from my Mums Pantry.


1 part Strawberries

1 part Sugar

1 x Lemon

So if you have 1kg of strawberries use 1kg of sugar, if you are aware of your sugar intake you can decrease this to around 1kg fruit 750g sugar etc.

Chop your strawberries into 1cm pieces removing the green stalk

Cover the strawberries with sugar and leave overnight or at least 6 hours at room temperature with a cloth over the pan.

Squeeze the juice of one lemon and pour on to the sugary strawberries.

Bring to boil and skim off the white froth.

Allow to boil until it is 105 degrees centigrade. If you do not have a thermometer allow to boil for five minutes then place a small amount on a cold plate, if it has thickened and set it will be ready.

Sterilize the jars by washing with soap, rinse, then place in an oven at 100 degrees centigrade for 10 minutes.

Decant the jam into the jars and place the lid on whilst hot. Be very careful! The jam and jars are very hot!

Leave overnight and then enjoy on toast, cake or porridge!

Leave a comment if you try this!

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