How to stop binge shopping.


Throughout lockdown and maybe boredom, I have found myself browsing, buying and returning a lot of clothes.

To the point where I have become embarrassed when my neighbours, boyfriend or the Hermes delivery man see how many parcels I receive.

Most of the items I don’t get the ‘Marie Kondo, joy sparking feeling’ when I try them on, so I end up returning them. Wasting money on postage on top of the emissions that have gone into the fuel to deliver and return my item.

I have decided that’s enough, I need to stop and rethink my shopping habbits.

So, I have decided each month to give myself an allocated spending limit, or number of items I am allowed to buy. Generally two, two items I can buy per month.

Each month I can spot new items that I like the look of, make a note on my phone and keep looking back at it to see if would still be excited to own it, not just buy it and receive it, but own it, for a long time… an investment.

After the month has gone by, usually around pay day. I look back at the list and assess which items I have been dreaming of, which I would wear most often, or maybe I need them.

Also giving yourself this time means you can look for discounts, or websites who are selling items cheaper.

The two at the top of the list, I buy them.

After giving myself time to think things over it means I waste less money buying and returning, or maybe just keeping things that I don’t really love or need.

I have also started looking at slightly slower fashion brands, I sometime get tempted on to H&M, Zara and ASOS when I see influencers in new clothing, but once I receive parcels from these brands the excitement goes, it is just another jumper, pair of joggers or dress.

Some of my favourite brands to browse for my investment pieces are Arket, & Other Stories and Jigsaw at the moment.

Here is how 2021 has gone so far:

January – Barbour Jacket & Jigsaw Black Cross Body Bag

February – Mango Water Resistant Trench Coat & Veja Venturi Trainers

March Shopping List – Arket Blazer, Birkenstocks, &Other Stories Shorts, Celeste Starre Necklace….. still to be narrowed down.

I have found shopping this way is so much more exciting, so much more long term joy out of each item!

I hope you pick up some tips and join my new way of shopping!

Libby xx

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