Preppy Winter Outfit


Maybe it’s the cold wet days, or maybe it the fact my activities seem a little more practical at the moment with working from home but I’ve found myself reaching for slightly more traditional, preppy clothing.

Each of these pieces are timeless! Great investment pieces, stylish and practical!

  1. Short Hunter Wellies – I go for the short style as I find them much more versatile, I am also 5’4 so the longer ones can be a little too long for me. They have lots of colours, I have black as I can dress them up or down.
  2. Aran Jumper – These are so warm and cosy! They are super hard wearing so one will last a lifetime. Wear it with jeans and a Barbour or dress it up with a shirt and some pumps.
  3. Barbour Beadnell – I have always owned a Barbour, when I was young I had the children’s one and since I have had two other styles. I was worried the Beadnell would be too long for me, but I think that is part of the look. Also it keeps your bum dry if it starts to rain or if you sit on a damp bench. I size up one or two sizes to get one or two layers underneath, they aren’t super warm but it means you can wear them all year round with different layers.
  4. Boden Bretton – Boden is one of my favourite companies, I cannot say a bad word about them. As I have mentioned before they also do great swimwear. A bretton is timeless, wear with a pleated midi skirt, jeans, gilet, you name it, it’ll look great!
  5. Ralph Lauren Cap – I own a surprising amount of caps. They are very useful, I mainly use them when it is raining, I find hoods fall down, umbrellas are a faf to carry but a cap keeps your face dry and rain out of your eyes. I carry one in my bag all the time. So when I’m jogging, gardening, or going for a walk, I will probably pop one on. As I mentioned in my skincare post, they also help keep those sun rays out, keeping wrinkles at bay!
  6. Bernard Weatherill Fleece – I find these great by themselves or as a layer under your barbour. I have a long sleeve and a gilet. I have seen a few people like Lydia Millen wearing the Schoffel fleece which also look lovely. But Bernard Weatherill currently has a massive sale on, round 1/5th of the original price, so a gilet for ¬£19.99, it’s a o brainer! I also love supporting British brands and this is based on Savile Row in London.
  7. Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM – I bought myself this bag when I passed my chartership exam! I treated myself to the personalisation with a black and white stripe, it is quite bold but at least I know which bag is mine! I also went for navy blue interior so any spills will not be noticeable. The MM is plenty big enough I carry lunch, note books, spare shoes and extra bits very easily.
  8. Ugg Boots – The warmest, most comfortable shoes known to man! These are my second pair, my first pair, chestnut mid length, are still at my parents house as slippers when I am there and they still look great 13 years on from when I bought them. This time I went for black, as they are chunky I didn’t want to draw too much attention to my feet, they are simple, easy and so warm for snowy days.

I hope you all enjoyed this! As you might have noticed I haven’t put any jeans on here as I am still searching for the perfect straight leg pair! If you have any suggestions which I can by in the UK please let me know in the comments!

Libby x

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