The Dream Swimwear


I just wanted to do a little shout out for Boden. This is not an ad, I wish it was! I have bought all of my own clothes.

Recently I have started to go swimming again at my gym now that restrictions have eased a little.

During the summer I had bought two new swimsuits from Boden and the first time I have tried them out are the past couple of weeks.

They are the best swimsuits!

  • Flattering, holds in the tummy (Body sculpting support).
  • They don’t ride up! I promise, I’ve walked in and out of the pool with both and neither ride up.
  • Aren’t too mumsy, they have a nice leg height and mine both have low v neck and open back.
  • Thick material.
  • Removable padding.
  • Comes in loads of colours and styles.

I feel super confident in them! During summer I wore a bikini from another high street brand and just felt rubbish, I probably looked okay to other people but in myself I didn’t feel confident, avoided taking off my clothes and avoided pictures. These are life changing!

Boden have loads of sales on, I bought both of these in the sale for around ¬£30, I would 100% pay that again. In fact I have a navy one and black one on my wishlist! I know Autumn isn’t exactly the time that we shop for swimwear but if you’re popping back to the swimming pool, taking the kids to swim lessons, booking a winter holiday or just want to buy them for the next few years of holidays, check out their sales!

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