How to style bold prints.


I was so glad that 2019 brought floral midi dresses back into style. These have been a staple outfit choice for me for ages! Super comfy, easy to wear and you look like you’ve made an effort.

So how can we style prints?

In the past I have mentioned midi dress and white trainers. Today is for bold colours and prints together!

Recently I have been watching Dynasty. To start off with I couldn’t cope with Fallon’s wardrobe, but once I got to season two and three I started to love her outfits, the bold prints and power pant suits – I was all over it. We need to thank Meredith Markworth-Pollack for her amazing styling on Dynasty and making me feel like I will try out a power suit and two bold colours together. I have even bought a hot pink suit since watching this series!

Another fashion hot spot – Gossip Girl. Again I used to be scared that Blare would wear matching skirt, blazer, shoes and bag with contrasting socks and headband. But maybe it is an amazing way of showing off your personality. I am an introvert, I am not loud, I will shy away from crowds. Give me an orange handbag with a pink floral dress and some espadrilles and I will confidently walk into a room… then shy away.

Leading on from Gossip girl, Blake Lively, is the queen of bold outfits. She has also stared in A Simple Favour, where she wore a lot of sexy suits and in interviews she also wore them. Throughout her years of interviews she looks so amazingly confident in the colourful outfits she wears and she doesn’t have a stylist! My favourite thing Blake does is accessorise – I love a statement earring and shoes and she does it best!

You all know I have a love of Pinterest, it is the best place for fashion ideas! Have a quick search of you own ideas. The thing with style and prints is it should be personal, don’t follow the crowd. Search for a dress style you feel confident in and see how others wear it, steal tips and tricks from each of them to complete your look. Fashion week street style is a great place to start! You will find a lot of Olivia Palermo.

Finally, take some tips from the more mature, fashionable women in this world. They have more experience, see more trends and knows what works for their body shapes. On the street, in your family, does your mum love a coat, your grandma’s handbag, why? Is it practical, sentimental, beautiful? You might have a similar body shape and colouring to your own family, so you can steal their best advice and avoid their mistakes.

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