My top tips for eczema


I found my eczema is one of the hardest things to live with, when it flares up it really impacts my life, I can do the things I enjoy like sports, I feel like I’m constantly tense and sometimes when it’s really painful I feel quite sick.

Over the past few months I have found my flare ups have been getting worse and more frequent. Most probably due to the current global circumstances – Covid-19 – creating world wide stress by upheaving almost everyones usual routine.

Here are some of the things I have found useful:

Cotton clothing & underwear

Back to basics it is, I have tried to keep my outfits as breathable as possible.


Day to day underwear ends up being trusty M&S I have found Tezenies also has some good non VPL but M&S is always my most trusted for all day comfort.

Day outfit

For day to day outfits I realised a long time ago that midi, flowing dresses are the way forward and fortunately in fashion at the moment! Means you don’t have to worry about that VPL either.

It is also great as when you get out the shower you can easily get it on rather than wiggling into skinny jeans, I have found an easy dress the best option when at the gym, beach, swimming pool.

Sports Outfit

One of my favourite things to do is go for a walk or a jog with my running friends. When restrictions eased I was so excited to see some running friends. When I have bad flare ups I my skin gets too sore to run and the sweat makes it so much worse. On the other hand running and seeing friend is so good for mental health! So go old school:

Cotton T-shirt – Baggy get a size up, go easy on yourself

Baggy high waisted breathable shorts

Your new running wardrobe for £14!

I have previously bought multiple pairs of leggings and I can’t bare wearing them, sometimes I wish I could chuck on leggings and a hoodie for the day, then I remember why I don’t. There seems to be something about synthetic sports clothes that becomes unbreathable and smelly tbh, wear a ‘running’ top for half an hour or a cotton top for half an hour. I promise the cotton top will barely smell and the ‘running’ top will stink.


I have tried a lot recently. I try to keep it pretty natural as harsh chemicals seem to make things worse.

Shampoo & Conditioner

I used to use a pretty basic Pantene shampoo and conditioner. I still sometimes do. But I have a trick!

Wash your hair with your head upside down so all the shampoo and conditioner chemicals don’t run all over your body.

Next tip! Weleda Baby Calendula Shampoo and Body Wash. It has been made for babies, it has calendula, a natural healing product and is a 2 in 1. So far I have been very happy with it and my hair feels good!

Body Wash

I use a bar of soap, a natural one with a flannel. I find the bars of soap often feel kinder to skin and I feel a bit cleaner, Aveeno also do a nice body wash, or a dermatologist once told me just to use Aveeno moisturiser in the shower on affected areas.


I have a love – hate relationship with moisturiser. The creams often make my skin feel sticky and slimy for the rest of the day and it make me want to wash it off again. Recently my saviour has been Aloe Vera!

The gel style makes it dry onto your skin in about one minute, even I have patients for that. It is so cheap and apparently has soothing properties.

Until you can get a medicated cream and doctors advice I have found this natural product a life saver.

Mental Health

It is suggested that stress may bring on eczema I am not great at tips for this, I enjoy running, walking and HIIT work outs. Meditation is very good for mental health but I haven’t got into this yet.


Others have suggests dairy and certain foods can cause flare ups, I don’t know much about this and I have not tested this theory. I love cheese so it would be hard.

I hope some of these help, but get your doctor’s advice too!

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