Independent Small Fashion Brands to buy from.

Small fashion brands to buy from now

During this time it is more important than ever to try to keep smaller companies thriving.

I have put together some fashion brands which I think do gorgeous clothes, hopefully you can give these a try and put a smile on the owners face!


A thoughtful and sustainable brand based in London, lots of variety and styles.

Price range: £30-£80

Instagram followers: 61.7k


I was at uni when I first found Olive and I could barely afford it, at Christmas or my birthday I would save up for a piece. They have such timeless pieces, and great prices!

Price Range: £50-£100

Instagram followers: 366k

Lucy & Yak

I mentioned to my sister the other day that I wanted some dungarees, she suggested Lucy & Yak so I could match her – we have the least similar style, like chalk and cheese, and yet we both love these!

Price Range: £25-£55

Instagram followers: 318k

Pampelone Clothing

With all of this hot humid weather, and people starting to travel abroad white cotton dresses have never been in such demand. Pampelone have been kind enough to reduce their prices to sample sale price. This resortwear is beautiful and the same price as high street!

Price Range: £150 £30 – £45

Instagram followers: 29.2k


I am in love with some of Bibico’s simple, classic dresses, trousers and knitwear! I want to buy it all! As I have mentioned in my other posts I try to wear cotton loose clothing, Bibico gives the benefit of being fashionable and ethical. “A company with a slower “back to basics” approach to fashion focused on creating clothes that were timeless and well made and rejecting the idea of fast fashion.”

Price Range: £50-£100

Instagram followers: 3,358


This New Zealand brand has really caught my eye with simple but bold looks.

“The limitations of our ethos keeps us innovative. We don’t compromise on design, and embrace restrictions. This gives our garments a strong minimal identity, and we believe the simplicity of our clothing is the first step toward circularity.”
– Gosia Piatek, Kowtow Founder & Creative Director

Price Range: £40-£200

Instagram followers: 83.2k


I remember going into my first Toast shop when I was young in Harrogate, I always loved their clothes and dreamed of having some when I was older.

Toast have many benefits including “We have always believed in the importance of timeless design. Our garments are made to last, becoming more beautiful as they age. To help foster longevity, we offer a free repair service in our shops, where customers can bring back torn or worn garments and have them repaired by our in-house technician.”

Price Range: £150-£250

Instagram followers: 169k

Needle & Thread

For all your gown needs – come day or night you can wear Needle and Thread. Their beautiful floral patterns caught my eye in Selfridges one day. You see them on influencers including Rosanna Falconer and Laura Wills. They also have a bridal section!

Price Range: £250-£500

Instagram followers: 515k


I think this is the most instagrammed dress I have seen recently, but I love it. They were a sleepwear company who has daywear too. What more could you want? Go out in your PJs!

Price Range: $320

Instagram followers: 182k

Deborah Lyons

This Dress! No words are needed. How amazing is it?!

Deborah Lyons is synonymous with empowered femininity, effortless and versatile tailoring and a strong point of view. Lyons creates easy-to-wear, beautifully detailed and distinctive designs and collections for women living life according to their rules.

Price Range: £345

Instagram followers: 10.1k


This daughter with the help from her dad created this company. Created by expert makers in the UK & Ireland, using natural yarns and evolving imperceptibly over the seasons. &Daughter values quality, usefulness and a less-but-better approach to consumption.

Price Range: £325 – £495

Instagram followers: 13.2k

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