My favourite instagram fashion influencers.


When I’m scrolling through instagram or struggling to be inspired by my wardrobe these are the people I look at for some new, timeless or seasonal inspiration.

For some background, I am 5ft 4 and with brown hair and I think this does influence who I look at in relation to their style suiting me, someone 5ft 10 with long skinny legs won’t have the same preferences as I do.

We Are Twin Set

Two best friends with very similar tastes! They do some great timeless pieces, keeping outfits simple and have some really good youtube videos review their best and worst purchases, I find this great for when I am questioning if an investment is worth it.

I also think that Sara is slightly smaller and a more similar body shape to me, so it’s good to see how she styles clothes, hair and makeup.

Anna Brem Wilson

I have followed Anna for years now! I love her style, similarly she is smaller, and until I started to grow my hair out I had similar length hair. She loves a Dr Marten boot as much as I do and her two sons are adorable!

She is great for a timeless mom jean, t shirt, Dr Marten and her stapel Missoma jewellery.

Holly Anna Scarcella

As soon as you see Holly’s Instagram you will get hair envy! She has the most beautiful long brown hair, definitely encouraging me to keep growing my hair. She wears some lovely dresses, great for spring summer inspiration along with her own beach wear collection Pampelone.

Again she has two adorable daughters, with a third baby on the way and often tags where their clothes are from if you are a mum!

The Mum Club

Now I am not a mum, but I’ve followed Lauren and Jess for a while now, they have some great memes, funny stories and useful information for mums and mums to be.

Their own instagrams show how fashionable they are and they have some good stories with ‘how to’ outfits called School Run and Fashion – breaking down how to get that Pinterest outfit, similar to my previous post. They also hold lots of events with other fashionable ladies (image below ft Anna)

Naomi Genes

Naomi already has a massive following, but I can understand why. She does really simple, classic outfits (mom jeans and a t-shirt) finishing off with a chanel and some Vans and looks like the most fashionable person in Manchester. I don’t know how she does it but she has one of the best effortless styles.

She is also absolutely beautiful and does quite a lot of make-up stories to show you how to get her effortless glow!

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