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I love putting my pretty cotton PJs at the end of the day (around 6ish when I get home from work). For me cotton always wins against silk or satin as it is more breathable and feels fresher.

I have searched for the UK’s best independent brands who focus on cotton pyjamas. All of these brands supply male and female options – so you and your other half, dad or brother could match!

I firstly came across Desmond and Dempsey a few years ago when the started out, I was at a wellbeing event in London and met Molly who explained she was from Australia with her english boyfriend, Joel, when she started wearing his shirts they decided there was a gap in the market for a pyjama brand in the UK.

Price range – £90-£150

PJ Pan is a Scottish company based in the Cairngorms Mountain range. With a mixture of patterns from tartan, Liberty, floral and stripes.

Prince range £115 – £175

Powell Craft is probably my favourite brand out of these at the patterns are really pretty and it is very affordable, it is a family run business in Sussex. Quite a lot seem to be out of stock but you can also buy them on Bluebelle and Co who might have more stock.

Price range – £40-50

Finally, I have mentioned Liberty above. They have some of the most iconic patterns and beautiful pyjamas. Requiring a much higher budget but if you can afford it they are lovely.

Price range – £115-450

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