How to keep busy during quarantine.


We are currently living in a very uncertain and abnormal time. Counting down the days until we may be able to see our loved ones, go shopping, to work, to school, the hairdressers, or out for a fancy meal with our families and friends.

So how are you keeping busy in the meantime?


I try to keep a routine of some sort everyday. I wake up at 7:30 and most days, my most productive and positive days, I will work out. I generally use the FIIT App, it is free for access to some classes or pay £120 up front per year or £20 per month for more classes, heart rate monitor and cables to link your phone to your TV – these will be posted to you very quickly! I love that there are different types of workout, HIIT, Pilates, Body Weight, Yoga. I mainly do the 25 minute HIIT classes outside in the garden.

I like to be up worked out, breakfast, shower and in to some non-pyjama clothes by 9am.


Along with much of the population I have been furloughed. I know that this is a stressful time for the security of our jobs and income. For me, this isn’t the worst situation in the world. I am sitting the biggest exam of my life in the next 6 weeks. It is still going ahead via Skype… hopefully! So this is like an adult study leave. Every morning I ‘work’ from 9am until lunch time at 12:30ish. I try to read my notes, research and do a Q&A with a friend or colleague.

If you are still working it is probably helping with keeping a routine.

If you aren’t working or revising, how about having a focus to fill the day and feel productive – learn a language, learn to play an instrument, do some photography, start a blog or website!


I am trying to take a little more time over lunch, maybe bake or cook something. Today I made scones, yesterday was a Frittata.

Get Outdoor

The weather has been so beautiful recently so after lunch I like to get outside for a walk, run or cycle. Please keep 2 meters away from anyone not in your household and be sensible where you go.

I usually go to Manchester Road Runners every Wednesday and I do Parkrun on Saturday and I really do miss going to both. I have loved Run for Heroes 5km challenge to donate to the NHS – getting people out running in this beautiful weather.

As you will have seen on my Cycling post I will try to get out for a ride once a week for an endurance ride or potter about with the family around town for my daily exercise out of the house.


I’m using my afternoon to do things I enjoy, or want to research. I have read Jilly Cooper’s Polo and I am now on to Dolly Alderton’s Everything I know about love.

Alexander McQueen has a Instagram highlights of McQueenCreators which so far has set challenges sketch and make three dimensional flowers of catwalk looks. It is a nice way to feel creative and productive! You never know, you may become a fashion designer or a wiz on the sewing machine!

How about doing some cleaning or sorting out? I am living at my in-laws so sorting out my wardrobe is difficult but you can always check the kitchen, bathroom, change your bedding or unload the dishwasher.

I’ll also fall on to the sofa and watch a bit of Chesapeake Shores on Netflix, Sam and Billie: The Mummy Diaries or Midsomer Murders on ITV. I have a very random taste in TV but they are my guilty pleasures!

How about trying out some gardening, learning to knit, doing some drawing or a jigsaw.

Sometime at 5pm I watch the BBC Coronavirus Update to keep in the loop with important information and I try not to get too bombarded with fake news throughout the day.


We have got to 6pm!

I feel at the moment I am very hit and miss for my creativeness for dinner. Sometimes I like a full roast, sometimes it is soup, or just eggs on toast.

One thing I do love is having the time to put a jacket potato in the oven. I love jacket potatoes and usually, by the time I get back from the office facing one hour before I get to eat is just too long! Now I have the time to scrub a couple of potatoes, massage some olive oil on to them, sprinkle in salt and bake for 1 hour for a perfectly crispy skin.

By the time we get to the evening I am pooped most evenings, I’d love to say I am productive but that is the way it is at the moment. I am happy to watch some tv, play Linkee with the family or read my book.

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